Hiking, Camping, or Disc Golf? Get out & Play this Spring!

This spring, we’re encouraging you to get out and play! Whether you’re staying in the city or heading out to a nearby provincial park or the Meewasin Valley Trail, we’ve got a ton of great ideas to keep you active. In this blog, we’re going to give you the scoop on some of our favourite ways to enjoy the balmier weather, so read on! 


Try something new with our rentals! 


The snow is melting and the trees are budding. While we absolutely love the winter, we also think spring has a megaton of adventure to offer! If you want to try something new, check out all the great stuff you can rent for a day of fun. From SUPs to snowskates for some transition weather shredding, we offer great day rates for a real great time.

Our 5 favourite activities for spring!

two people hiking in a green forest wearing shorts - spring weather

  1. Hiking

    Grab your waterproof Lems boulder boots and head out to Furdale for a long walk in the warm spring sunshine. We love walking out on the trails in the spring –– not only do the trees give you the feel-goods, but you can bring your favourite pal for a covid-safe frolic as well!

  2. Disc Golf

    It’s an all-season sport for us! Get out no matter the weather and sink some baskets with your covid cohort. Read our blog all about it if you want some hot tips for playing in Saskatchewan’s famously fickle spring months –– like using a softer disc in colder temps or stocking up on some warm base layers for all-day warmth. We just got a huge shipment of discs, plus you can rent some if you’re trying the game for your first time!

  3. Camping

    Off-season camping has a ton of perks that many don’t take advantage of. Not only are there fewer people around (so you can really enjoy the respite of nature), but it is also super cozy. We will help you make sure you’ve got the right gear ––with cozy layers, warm gear, tasty snacks, and lots of wood and you’ll be set for a great weekend in the woods.

  4. Snowskate

    Our decks lend themselves really well to Saskatchewan’s transitional spring weather. Grab a warm hoodie and shred that last little bit of shady gnar! Even better: throw some warm coffee in a travel mug and spend the afternoon landing some tricks with your Slopedeck. 

person walking across a slackline attached to two trees during the spring

  1. Slackline

    There doesn’t need to be leaves on the trees for you to get in a balance session. If you’ve never tried slacklining before, why not embrace the sunny weather and work on your core strength at the same time? We’ve got a set for beginners and advanced balancers alike –– plus you can work on centring your gravity anytime with our great selection of balance boards.

Saskatoon, embrace the outdoors!


At Escape, we have your alternative sports covered. Pop into the shop, or check out our new arrivals online, and get to know our favourite ways to have fun in every season! We’re always around to help you try something new and awesome. 

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