Summer Rentals


Get outdoors with a Standup Paddleboard for the weekend, or try out a new outdoor sport you've been wanting to for awhile. From summer sports like Disc Golf, Onewheel and Longboarding, to Winter Cross Country Skis, Snowshoes and Sleds.

**Online Paddleboard Rentals are available to rent at daily, weekend and week rates only. For custom rental periods, contact us at 306.244.7433**

Inflatable Boards
Rigid Boards
Red Paddle 10'6 Ride
A swiss Army knife board - it can be used by almost any rider for any purpose.
Red Paddle 10'8 Ride
Versatile SUP suited better for bigger riders and great for taking passengers
Red Paddle 11'0 Sport
Paddlers looking for a step up in performance with more glide and higher top speeds
Red Paddle 11'3 Sport
Paddlers looking for enhanced performance with great stability


Red Paddle 12'6 Elite Race
For more experienced paddlers looking for more speed and a greater challenge
Red Paddle 12'6 Explorer
Great for paddlers looking to go the extra mile and see what's around the riverbend
Aegir 11'0 The Wild
The perfect adventure and expedition board
Red Paddle XL Party Board
Groups of all kinds, up to 8 riders - bring the dog too!




Winter Rentals