Slopedeck Snowskate

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The idea of surfing on snow has been around for decades. Snowboarding and snowskates offer up their own unique dynamics, but they still don't capture the flow and elemental feel of surfing. Powder Surfing and "Noboarding" are the closest we've come to s
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Morphteck Bases:
A resilient closed-cell lightweight spacer puts a narrower running surface one inch below the deck and makes for very quick edging.  Coupled with the arced grooves this configuration provides unsurpassed control and a surf-like feel.  

Cambered skateboard deck made from Canadian Maple:
Feels just like a skateboard deck because it is one.  Custom-made extra large for snow boots and longitudinal stability.

Resilient Spacer:
The closed-cell dual density polyethylene foam spacer keeps snow from gathering between the deck and base, while dampening shocks and enhancing edge control.

Two coats of Urethane on the deck
We want you to enjoy the Slopedeck for years to come, so we've included what most companies don't - a waterproof urethane sealant.

CNC machined High-Density Polyethylene base with Arced Grooves
​Although lightweight and relatively thin, the base material is incredibly tough.  It's the same material that's used for ski bases, only much thicker.  The grooves are radiused, so when the Slopedeck is angled the grooves carve the snow with very little lateral slippage.

Patents pending
There are numerous unique features the Slopedeck has which are proprietary and protected under patent law.