The end of summer doesn’t mean the end of the outdoors!

At Escape Sports, we want to keep you adventuring no matter what the elements. As the weather cools, tailor your adventures with warm gear and endless activities! We have something for everyone, so get your family or covid bubble out into the fresh, chilly air!


5 Activities to keep you moving this fall and winter!


1. Ski


Saskatchewan winters are perfect for backcountry ski adventures! We have the tools to get you and your family out on some of our amazing local trails! Skinbased skis combine the efficiency of skiing with the utility of snowshoes, all using a universal binding which can accommodate any type of footwear. These are perfect for your family to get out and go! 


2. Off-Season Camping 


Camping in the late season can be enjoyable and rewarding. At Escape Sports, we have the right supplies for you to enjoy camping at any time of the year! The challenges of out-of-season camping are enjoyable and rewarding. Engage with nature in new ways by seeing the way nature changes through the seasons. Prepare for any kind of weather with the right supplies, and know-how. 


3. Disc Golf

That’s right! We have some amazing accessories like MVP tri-lights and Glow Discs to make sure you can continue to play even in the waning sunlight. Don’t give up just yet, put on some warm layers and head out to the course with your COVID-19 crew! Check out our blog on Disc Golf to see all the best courses in the Saskatoon area.

4. Kiteboarding


We’re not kidding!! While it’s a difficult sport to get the hang of safely, it's incredibly rewarding! Once you have the hang of it, grab your skis or snowboard, head to the nearest open field, and try it out! Learn the basics, and with a bit of trial and error, you’ll be a natural. All you have to do to get started is find a good teacher, set up a good kite rig, and grab a gust of that classic prairie wind. Talk to us about where to get started! 


5. Hike 


With our fall stock-up of LEMS boots to keep your toes warm and comfortable, and a cool backpack to hold a picnic lunch, why not enjoy the changing weather! There’s a ton of local hiking trails like Meewasin Valley trails which include the Northeast Swale, Cranberry Flats, and more! 


Wheat fields of Saskatoon in the fall months.


With Escape Sports, you can give fall and winter some serious loving


Pop into the shop and gear up for your next adventure. We know our stuff, and we know you’ll love all the awesome adventures that this chilly season has to offer. Don’t be afraid to shoot us a question if you want to talk about rentals, gear, or just say hey! 

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