Why this blog is for YOU!

Nature. Balance. Adventure.

If you’re new to Escape Sports, welcome! We are a family-owned, local business here to inspire you to embrace the outdoors and discover your personal style of adventure. In everything we do, from exploring the landscapes of Canada and running our retail store in the heart of Saskatoon, we bring an avid sense of adventure. We’re all about finding ways of getting around that use gravity, wind, dog or human power to help us connect with nature, find our balance, and indulge our sense of adventure. We’re here to empower you to explore exciting ways of playing outdoors.

This blog is for you if:   

  • you’re hungry for outdoor adventures—big or small, intense or gentle, fast or relaxed.
  • you like to play outside and you’re keen to try a new activity.
  • you want some expert local outdoor advice or insider tips on the best spots to play outside, in the province of Saskatchewan.
  • you’re interested in gear to enhance your time outside
  • you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you want to become one, or you're close to someone who is. 


Connect with us! 

Getting out and doing activities together, having fun, and building community around things we all love doing is what we live for. With this blog, we aim to stay connected, even when we’re apart. 

We invite you to visit our online store. And if you haven’t already, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep looped in to the latest and greatest of Saskatoon’s alternative outdoor sports community!

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