Take a chance on the Super73 electric bikes: built for urban city cruisin!

Put a little pep in your step this spring.  In this blog, we’re going to give you the lowdown on our favourite ways to zip through Saskatoon––the Super73 bikes! For us, it checks all the boxes. 


Line up of super73 electric bikes


Why choose an electric motorbike?

The electric motorbikes from Super73 resemble a paired back cafe racer crossed with a road bicycle and feature a contemporary selection of colours and accessories. Most of the bikes are fully street legal but do not require registration or a license, making them totally accessible without all the SGI paperwork. 



Who is Super73?

Founded in 2016 in California, these hand-fabricated e-bikes were all about timeless style and big-time nostalgia. They were born out of a desire for community and adventure. Their designs are centred around thoughtfulness, responsibility, and building communities. Their focus on youth and the traditional motorcycle  


The 3 series types and what they’re all about.  


super73 rx electric bike series


    This series is fresh and completely redesigned for 2020. It features the most powerful technology and drive system that Super 73 has released to date. The R-Series features an aluminum alloy frame, completely adjustable suspension, and multi-class ride modes. Resembling a done up dirt-bike, the R-Series looks great and it rides even better. Super73 has designed their own tread pattern which blends the utility of motorcycle tires and bike tires. These tires improve traction, reduce road noise, and increase stability. With a 65km plus range, there’s nothing to dislike!

    super73 S-series electric bike


    This classic electric bike has all the Paul Newman cafe racer class you could hope for and the versatility to take you anywhere. This bike was designed for the urban rider and can be used without a license in most areas. Its range is amazing, with a 40km plus range at over 30km/h, this bike will get you to work in a jiffy. Plus the battery is fully removable allowing you to charge up with ease.

    super73 z-series electric bike


    This paired back version is the perfect entry into the Super73 e-bikes. It features a compact frame, a minimal aesthetic, and enough punch to explore the neighbourhood. The Z-Series is fully street-legal, allowing riders from 16+ to ride in style. With a 30km+ range, there’s a lot of places the Z-Series can take you!

We are Saskatoon’s exclusive dealer of Super73 electric bikes.

Pop into the shop today and let’s get you a new whip that’s good for the earth and good for a pile of fun!
Visit our website to check availability––these bikes sell fast!

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