Disc Golf in the Snow? Absolutely!

There’s still a little winter left for all of us who love to get out in the fresh snow and embrace winter! We love the sunnier days and warmer temperatures because we can adventure for longer. One of our favourite things to do is get out for a round of disc golf, and in this blog, we’re going to share some of our hot tips for making this a year-round game! 


3 hot tips for disc golf this winter!

We love to get out in the snow and embrace winter, whether it's -50° or +2°! One of our favourite activities is to get in some frosty disc golf. We have learned a thing or two about playing in the snow –– the hard way. So take our tips, grab a hydro flask full of coffee, tea, or cocoa, and hit the course!

  1. Grab a ribbon

    Attach a long skinny ribbon to the bottom of your disc, and you’ll always be able to find it in a pile of pow. Trust us, and your discs won’t end up in the snowy void!

  2. Opt for soft

    We have a great selection of softer plastic discs that are a lot better for playing in the winter. Hard discs freeze and are way more susceptible to damage, such as chipping or breaking, as a result.

  3. Colour is key

    Get your most colourful discs ready for your winter rounds. High visibility is a priority when you’re playing in the snow. Pop into the shop and see our latest shipment of discs from all the top companies, including Kastaplast’s new disc starter packs!



Disc golf net in the winter time

Don’t forget to layer up. 

If you’re out in the snow, make sure you have some gear to keep you warm and toasty. Read our blog to find out more about layering for the cold. We discuss everything you need to know here. 

Even as winter moves into spring, you’ll need:

  • Warm base layers 
  • Down or synthetic-filled winter or transitional season coat
  • Toasty gloves for keeping your digits warm
  • Mug of something hot and delicious
  • Some cozy boots to keep your feet dry

You can get all your adventure gear for every season at Escape Sports!

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