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VSSL Camp. A faster and more reliable way to prepare, organize, carry and access our crucial camp gear. The world's most versatile outdoor adventure kit.
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We wanted a faster and more reliable way to prepare, organize, carry and access our crucial camp gear, so we made the world's most versatile outdoor adventure kit.VSSL CAMP Supplies is perfectly stocked with over 70 pieces of essential outdoor gear. It’s like the multi-tool of camp lights, and it'll change the way you prepare for outdoor adventure.


VSSL’s minimal design keeps your outdoor essentials in one ultra-portable cylinder that never compromises on quality, weight, or valuable pack space.
Every VSSL is made with waterproof, indestructible military-grade aluminum, ensuring whatever essentials you put in it stay dry and safe in any environment.
Each VSSL comes perfectly organized with high-quality, expert-curated gear that saves you time when preparing for outdoor adventure.
Compact, self-contained kits of carefully chosen outdoor essentials, from first aid to fire starting, the VSSL could be the difference between a good trip and a bad trip. Born from the desire to refine core outdoor essentials that into a package you could grab and go, and inspired by old aluminum flashlight bodies, VSSL aims to provide quality gear that you can always have on hand. Thought has been put into each piece of kit you find in the VSSL Camp Supply tube, for instance the saw chosen was only survivor out of a 60 saw torture test.

Dimensions: 9.375" x 2" Dia

Weight: 1.32 lbs

Supplies included:
  • Rugged aluminum case is waterproof, ensuring your gear stays dry.
  • LED flashlight has 4 modes (high, low, red and S.O.S.), burns up to 40 hours on low and uses a long-press button to prevent accidental activation. Light runs off of 3 N type batteries.
  • Oil-filled compass provides reliable reading from -10°C to +50°C.
  • First aid capsule contains: 6 bandages, 10 wound closure strips, 2 antiseptic wipes and 2 safety pins.
  • Firestarter capsule contains: 5 waterproof Tinder Quik® fire starters, 10 waterproof matches and 1 Striker.
  • Rope capsule contains: 7.6m cord – 113kg (250lb) breaking strength and a razor blade.
  • Fishing capsule contains: 3 worm lures, 6 j-hooks, split shot, 1 bobber and 10m (35ft) of fishing line
  • Candle capsule contains: 1 beeswax candle with a 4 hour burn time.
  • Saw capsule contains: 1 wire saw, the same saw issued in the British military’s survival kit.
  • Water purification capsule contains: 10 Aquatab® to purify 7.5L of water and 1L Whirl-Pak® water bag.
  • Small essentials capsule contains: aluminum bead-less whistle, 2 gear ties to hang gear, mini sewing kit for repairs and a P38 military can opener.
  • 2 capsule slots contain a roll of tough, multipurpose tape and a soft bamboo cloth (30 x 50cm).