Slackline Indutries Yoga Slacker Line

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The YogaSlackers eLine is perfect for beginner slackliners to practice slackline yoga. It is also a great line to surf on as well.

History Lesson -  The slackline is actually the first thing that we ever sold at Escape! Upon learning about this fantastic activity in 2002, we decided we would build our own kits and have them available for others in Saskatchewan who wanted to learn more about it and improve their strength and balance. Lots of good memories.

Slackline yoga has been described as “distilling the art of yogic concentration” and is achievable by almost anyone with a little bit of perseverance and patience. It is a practice that develops focus, dynamic balance, power, breath, core-integration, flexibility, and confidence.

The eLine SlackLine Kit contains everything you need to begin your journey as a slackliner. Just add trees!

The YogaSlackers eLine is perfect for beginner slackliners to practice slackline yoga. It is also a great  travel line. Known for being a favorite, this versatile 1” line offers lower tension for a safe and fun way to work both static and dynamic poses (walking, sitting, kneeling, surfing, etc.). With the lower stretch of this line you can get the most useable length to slack on without needing an army to tighten it.

The setup and takedown are incredibly simple and easy, any one person can do it in just a few minutes. The line and rigging are light, compact, and easy to carry, making it an incredible travel companion.  The fiber is weather resistant so you can leave it set up in the yard without a worry about water or sun damage.

We feel it's important to warn you that the eLine is highly addictive, incredibly fun, and once people see you playing on it they’ll want to come walk the line too!

If you're curious about slacklining, this is the perfect line to start with. Kit includes everything you need to get started, taking the guesswork out for you: