Slackline Industries Base Line 85 Ft

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This complete introductory slackline kit is designed specifically for beginner and intermediate users. Featuring static-style webbing ideal for learning and carry bag, the BASE LINE is perfect for getting started and progressing to basic tricks.
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History Lesson -  The slackline is actually the first thing that we ever sold at Escape! Upon learning about this fantastic activity in 2002, we decided we would build our own kits and have them available for others in Saskatchewan who wanted to learn more about it and improve their strength and balance. Lots of good memories.

The Base 85' is a wide slackline for users of any level. The thick weave gives you a good base to learn to balance, walk, pivot and start progressing to advanced tricks. The extra length is nice for opening up even more locations to set up your line and have fun.

  • Includes tree protection, ratchet with safety lock, 2.4m of webbing and a reinforced anchor/tension loop.
  • Handle grip is soft plastic for comfortable and efficient tensioning.
  • Ratchet release is rubberized to easily and safely release line tension.
  • Width is 50mm.
  • True length measure refers to usable length, not including ratchet and webbing.
  • Maximum tension is 4 tons.