Escape Footbag

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The footbag, (cousin to the well known hackysack) is a great way to improve coordination, quickness, and focus. Also just a fun way to spend some time alone or with friends.
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Sand vs Bead: If you would like the footbag to have a softer, more "stall" friendly feel, go with sand. If you'd like instead to have more of a lively, popping footbag, bead filled is the way to go.

Freestyle: Get your buddies together in a circle, and use any means you want, with the exception of your arms or hands, to keep the footbag up in the air. This is commonly known as "freestyle footbag" as you can use this opportunity to express yourself in any way.... the "freedom to style"

Net footbag: setup a net and play out a game with the same rules as volleyball. Divide teams up and use the same three hit rule to get the footbag back over to the oppositions side of the court. Score a point when they are unable to get the footbag back before their 3 hits are up.