ESLA T4 Kicksled (Medium) for 4'3"-5'1"

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The ESLA Kicksled is a classic!
Several generations have enjoyed using ESLA kicksleds. Kicksleds are used to travel easily over snow and ice, and people in  Scandinavia have been using them for many generations

Today our kicksleds are used in winter for exercise, recreation, wilderness trips, dog sledding, ice fishing, competition, and commuting to school or work.

Finnish people have kicksleds in their hearts, they give us a sense of stability and safety, a nostalgic flashback to spending time outdoors with the family over many generations. Our sleds are built from only the finest locally sourced birch and high quality spring steel.

Kicksleds are designed to be able to be folded so that they can be stored away when not in use, or easily loaded into a car for an adventurous trip. By simply undoing the two wingnuts behind the seat, and lifting the seat clear, the handlebars can be lowered down to lie parallel to the runners.


Esla kicksleds are available in many different sizes and colours. The sport focussed Kickspark is designed for athletes to use with its minimal steel frame.