Capri Frescobol Paddle Set

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Frescobol is a classic beach paddle game from the early 1940's. Rumour has it that the game was born at the infamous Copacabana beach just outside of Rio de Janero Brazil. There are also other versions of the game seen throughout Europe and the Mediterran

Our designer & luxurious Capri Frescobol paddles are expertly crafted using eco-friendly reclaimed & remnant woods. Each paddle set is as unique as the tree it came from as no two pieces of wood are ever the same. They are breathtakingly beautiful, light weight and extremely durable. We are a eco-responsible and sustainable company and to do our part we plant a tree for each paddle set sold.


The paddles themselves are constructed of Black Walnut and Basswood, and are coated with a natural marine resin to waterproof and protect the woods from the sand and sun for endless beach fun. Beautifully designed, light weight and guaranteed to last for life.


Each paddle set comes with 2 paddles, 2 balls and a beach bag so you are ready to hit the beach or the park and have some fun. Each paddle weighs approx. 340 grams and are 43.5 cm tall by 20 cm wide.


The game Frescobol is so easy to play and yet offers so many health benefits. It's the perfect game for young and old alike. It is a blend of a high intensity interval workout, balance drills, resistance training and mental exercise all while having so much fun. The focus of the game is just to have a rally, keep the ball in the air and have fun. No points, just tallying how many hits back and forth.


Each Capri Frescobol Beach Paddle set includes:


  • 2 expertly crafted solid wood Capri Frescobol Paddles - 42.5cm x 20cm (340gms)
  • 2 soft black neoprene hand grips for firm grip, durability and breathability
  • 2 rope hand straps for holding or hanging
  • 2 blue Capri Frescobol medium weight buoyant rubber balls
  • 1 Capri Frescobol linen beach bag to carry your paddles in
  • 1 tree planted for each Capri Frescobol paddle set sold