UltrAspire Ribos MBS Athletic Hydration Vest

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It allows carriage of bottles on the back with a vest front, while using a belt system. The result is a fully adjustable and interchangeable running system that you can customize!
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The first Complex Molecule to add to (or integrate with) any MBS (Molecular Belt System) Connector of your choice!


  • Large hole microfiber sweat proof webbing mesh for ultra breathability
  • Sweat proof Magnon Electrolyte Pocket
  • Zippered pocket
  • Trash pocket
  • Comes standard with two Human 26oz / 0.77L finger loop bottles but will hold any standard bike bottle
  • Two zippered pockets, and two 26 oz bottle holsters
  • Shock cord to secure a jacket or gloves
  • Adjustable torso height
  • Body Rhythm Harness provides a full range of motion while simultaneously stabilizing and distributing weight
  • Attachment point for MBS waistbelt