Foot Fresh Herbal Deoderant Cream

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Foot Fresh Herbal Cream Deodorant is an all natural foot care cream which contains no aluminum or alcohol and leaves your feet feeling soft, dry and odor-free. Best of all, it's locally made in Yorkton, SK!
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The patented formula works by killing the fungus and bacteria on the skin that causes foot odor. A three and one half year Scientific Study has proven ant-bacterial, anti-fungal FOOT FRESH deodorant to be 99% effective for up to seven days, without the need to apply daily. It takes up to two weeks for the bacteria and fungus to come back or regenerate.

FOOT FRESH herbal cream deodorant has been endorsed by the Saskatchewan Association of Chiropodists for SEVERE FOOT ODOR.

Many Health Care Professionals are using FOOT FRESH herbal cream deodorant for their most difficult patients including those who have diabetes. FOOT FRESH herbal cream deodorant is the best foot deodorant product for severe foot odor on the market today.

This foot care product has not been tested on animals.