Our 5 favourite ways to spend a prairie summer afternoon!

As Saskatchewan begins to open up a little more, we are excited to share a slice of outdoor space with our friends and family! Outdoor games are some of our favourite ways to share some beverages and belly laughs with our closest circle. Bring your own fold out chair and get ready for fun! What are our favourite ways to spend an afternoon in the park? Keep reading to find out! 


Our top 5 covid-safe park activities!


  1. Slackline

    Learn the art of balance and have fun at the same time! Our selection of Slacklines are perfect to pop in your bag and head to the nearest park. All you need are two sturdy trees, some great pals, and a picnic to have a blast of an afternoon.

    Slackline is a great way to train your core and improve your balance. Exercise while having fun! Whether you’re a climber, skateboarder, or volleyball player, a slackline is a great way to “keep fit and have fun.”

  2. Spikeball

    The diving, smashing, jumping good time. This game is one of our hot sellers and we’re not surprised! Great for a group, it will inspire a little healthy competition and a lot of big laughs. Our Spikeball sets are compact, so you can pop it in your bag and head out to the park no problem.

  3. Get on the trail

    Whether you bring your Onewheel, rent one of our cruiser bikes, or just use your feet, Saskatoon’s river valley is the perfect way to get in some adventure. We think nature is the best, so we are always excited to see how our favourite trails evolve with the seasons.

    We can’t recommend camping enough! If you’re looking to spend a few nights under the prairie night sky, take a look at all our awesome gear to keep you cozy and safe. A camping trip with your best buds to one of the great parks near Saskatoon gets a big thumbs up from us.

    tent night sky

  4. Disc golf

    Person wearing a disc golf backpack

    Get in a solid round with your pals! We have disc rentals as well as a huge selection of drivers and putters to get your collection off to a healthy start. If you’re heading out for your very first round, don’t forget to brush up on your disc golf etiquette. Respecting your fellow players and the course is as important as having a good time, so stay polite out there.

  5. SUPs

    Grab your stand-up paddleboard (SUP) and a group of friends and cruise down the South Saskatchewan River in style. SUPs are a great workout and a great way to spend a prairie summer day. Our favourite brand, Red Paddle Co, has both rigid and inflatable options to accommodate your needs and skill level. With our gorgeous river just a short walk from many areas of Saskatoon, we can’t think of a better way to take advantage of it. If you’re new to paddleboarding, make sure to keep an eye on the water levels to make sure you don’t head out on a day where the current or water level is too extreme.

Saskatoon, let’s get outside and enjoy our gorgeous parks and river! 


At Escape, we have everything you need to get out and enjoy all the bounty of living in this great city. Check out our rentals page to try something new, or get into the store. We are stoked to get you into a new outdoor activity! 

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