Alternative sports in YXE: seeking nature, balance, and adventure.

Welcome to the realm of alternative outdoor sports!

 Have you discovered how much epic fun there is to be had outside? When we were really getting into rock-climbing during the early 2000s, we were exposed to other niche sports such as slacklining, unicycling, and kiteboarding. Of course, we were immediately hooked. We entered into a new realm of previously untapped awesome: the realm of alternative outdoor adventure sports.

Fuelled by a passion for playing outside.

It didn’t take long for us to realize that we weren’t the only ones who thought unicycles and slacklines were awesome. We spent summer weekends playing with our new toys in Saskatoon’s many parks, attracting curiosity and making countless new friends. There’s no better feeling than sharing what we love! It turned out that slacklines and unicycles were hard to come by in our prairie city, and for the love of play, we wanted to help our community connect with these awesome alternative sports.

Helping you embrace the outdoors.

When Escape Sports opened in 2004, we had four products: slacklines, unicycles, branded t-shirts, and kites for kite-boarding. What started as a fun side-hustle that outfitted family and a growing numbers of new friends with adventure gear, grew over the course of fifteen years into an alternative sports hub providing gear rentals, lessons, tours, and a storefront that carries apparel, footwear, and action sports equipment including longboards, surfskates, Onewheels, stand-up paddleboards (SUP), kiteboarding equipment, slacklines, disc golf gear, roller derby gear, snowskates, cross country and touring skis,  backpacks and more! To browse all our stores offerings, check out our online store. Follow our blog to learn more about the brands we carry and what makes them great.

Community connection keeps us all going.

Escape Sports is more than just gear. Part of our mission is to make it easier for people to find and try alternative sports activities. For those who fall in love like we did, we supply the best gear. Beyond that, we invite people to get outside with us, connect with one another and with the outdoors, get our heart rates up, our blood pumping and endorphins flowing, and have a good time! 

To increase awareness about the empire of awesome that is alternative sports, we: 

  1. organize community events, 
  2. offer activity demos, 
  3. lead summer and winter tours, and 
  4. host weekly stand-up paddleboard (SUP) races.

We also offer SUP rentals and SUP group tour bookings for all skill levels.

Make time to play! 

Escape Sports exists because the community responded to our invitation to play more. Without all of you, we would still be a couple of happy goofs slacklining in the park, inviting you to come and jam with us. The truth is, we’ll always be those guys who just want to play outside. What do you say, are you with us? 

When you visit us, we invite you to Escape the ideas you might have about sports and exercise. Forget what you think an active lifestyle should look or feel like, explore something new and ask yourself, am I having fun? Does this light me up? Wherever it is that you find your joy, we’re here to help you get outside and make it yours!

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