UCO Roasting Fork (2 pk)

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Introducing UCO’s new fire roasting fork! It’s telescoping, which makes it super convenient to pack for camping trips or backyard barbecues.
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With just a flick of your thumb, you can easily turn your marshmallow or hot dog for even cooking. And unlike other flimsy roasting sticks out there, this one resists excessive bending under the weight of a hot dog. Plus, it comes in fun colors that will make your s’mores-making experience even more enjoyable. This roasting stick is a game-changer!

  • Rolling Wheel: Use your thumb to easily turn the fork for the perfect roast every time.
  • Telescoping skewer: Extends to 34.5” for safe cooking and packs down to 12” for transit and storage.
  • ECO Material: Recover Recycled™ Polypropylene handle makes your campfire experience kinder to the environment.
  • Extra stout: Telescoping pole provides a droop-free roasting experience!