Krom Kendama - Noia

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Kendama is an extremely enjoyable wooden skill toy that comes from Japan. It strengthens hand eye coordination, balance, and reflex. It can be played by young and old alike. Endless trick possibilities for both the beginner and the seasoned master.
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The Kendama is made up of the “Ken” (handle) and the “Tama” (ball), which is connected by a string.  The Kendama tricks are done by variations of juggling the ball in the 3 cups, spiking the ball with the Ken spike, and balancing both in new creative ways.  Mastering the Kendama takes practice, focus, patience, and creativity.

The KROM NOIA series got an upgrade, the original NOIA was one of the building blocks of the KROM brand showing off the unique style of the KROM brand. With the updated series featuring the NOIA 4, 5 and 6 we've updated the design, tracking, shape and more. Cut from a-grade beech wood and featuring the 1% ken shape, the NOIA is a great choice for beginners looking to venture into the world of kendama and seasoned pros looking to take their tricks to the next level. The distinctive style of the KROM NOIA is further highlighted by the fact that the the painting process for these kendamas ensures that every single kendama has a unique pattern.


 KROM 1% Shape
• KROM LOL clear coat
• Beech wood
• Base Cup WARP HOLE
• Tama size 60,6 mm
• Ken height 161,6 mm
• String length 70 cm
• KROM Bearing
• Stickers