Carver Bel Air Streetsurf 32.25" - C5 Raw trucks

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This surfskate is ideal for skaters who want to flirt with surfskate, or surfers who can't and don't want to get rid of their skateboarding past....
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Carver Skateboards, aware that the world of skateboarding in the United States is very powerful and important, have always wanted to gradually put their foot in that scenario, trying to gain followers for their brand. Their first approach was with the truck CX, they were well on their way, but it was not until they developed the C5 that they got the perfect hybrid truck between traditional skateboarding and surfskate.

Specifically the Bel Air Street Surf 32.25¨,has the shape of board skate, with its nose and kick tail, the combination becomes even more perfect. It is a board with which you can do all the tricks you do with a traditional skate, but to move you will not have to go giving the typical kick, but you can go pumping, and you can mark your surfturns.

Very much on track also with the modern explosive aerial surfing, and of trying to do skate tricks on the surf board . 

We believe that the name Bel Air is given as this would be a traditional skateboard, but exclusive, top of the range, thus referring to the luxurious neighborhood of California, you will remember it for the series of "Will Smith"The Prince of (Bel Air). 

The C5 Truck System (C5 front, C4 rear) is shorter and narrower, lowering the center of gravity and giving it more pop. You get higher ollies and better control, while the narrower hanger and patented geometry keeps it light and maneuverable. And new for 2020 we've taken this progression to the next level with hollow axles and kingpins for the lightest and most versatile surfskate trucks in the world. This is the next generation of surfskate, blending tricks and flow into a complex, creative expression.