SIC SUP Bullet 12'6" x 28.5"

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An excellent downwinding board for those wanting to chase the bumps. Can also be paddled in flat conditions with great glide and efficiency.
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The BULLET 12'6'' x 28.5'' is truly a classic and has both defined and dominated downwind and fitness/touring for years.

The Bullet has won SUPConnect awards for Best Board Overall and Best All Around Board and won accolades from Men’s Health and Outside Magazine to mention a few.

The widened chisel tail and the squared up rails handle exceptionally well in side chop, side slipping into an ocean swell, and surfing waves as well as providing additional rail-to-rail stability. Best suited in rough waters, the Bullet is a pleasure to paddle on flat conditions as well.  It could easily be used for day drips and light touring missions.