OAC KAR UC 147cm Backcountry Ski & EA Universal Binding 2.0

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Whether you live close to a city park or by the mountains, OAC KAR gives you the possibility to hike, climb, ski and enjoy the snow.

A one-ski quiver, the KAR 147 is our most versatile ski in the SkinbasedTM collection. Its broad width offers good floatation on powder, while its full-length steel edges hold firm on hardpack. Thanks to its relatively short length, the KAR can manage tight turns in even the densest bushes and forests. The wide skin area makes the KAR a great climber, even when pulling a heavy sled. Add these features together, and you have the perfect, all-around backcountry companion. This base absorbs liquid waxes, so you can forget about the hot iron and time consuming waxing procedure.


Technical specifications:

  • OAC Braid box construction 

  • Compression resistant elastic foam core 

  • Patented Unicoat ski base 

  • Integrated high quality Mohair-mix skin 

  • ALU/ GF reinforcement at binding area 

  • Steel edges 

  • Weight 1350g w/o binding 

  • Width 125-110-122mm