Landyachtz Ripper Complete -

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The Ripper combines a healthy dose of rocker, a kicktail, wide TKP trucks and just the right amount of flex to be one of the most playful cruiser boards we've ever made. This might end up being the most fun board in your quiver.
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The Ripper is a scaled down longboard shape that measures 36.9″ long by 9″ wide. A slightly flexy ride and the long wheelbase give it a playful, surfy ride and lots of lean in carves.
Mellow concave and a good amount of rocker will have your feet feeling at home on this board from the first ride.
Ripper Postcard - We set this board up with Polar Bear 155mm trucks to give it the combination of agility and stability that it needed and finished it off with a set of 63mm 78a EZ Hawgs wheels to keep the board nice and light while still giving a fast, smooth ride.
Ripper Watercolour - 130mm Polar Bears & 63mm 78a Fatty Hawgs - more agility & is better for carving.

The Ripper is an 8/10 Flex, 1 being STIFF and 10 being FLEXY!

So, what’s flex and why is it important to a skateboard? In skate-nerd terms, flex is the amount of displacement a deck sees when a specific amount of force is applied to it.
It’s important to understand flex when choosing a board.

Here are some basics:

  • Downhill/freeride skateboards will have less flex because you need a stiff platform to stand on when you’re bombing or gripping a corner at speed.
  • Carving skateboards will have more flex, giving you the ability to sink into your turns and pump or carve with ease.
  • Most cruisers, dance and ATV boards will have less flex for control when doing tricks but just enough to be forgiving when pushing around town.


100% Canadian Maple - Kicktail - Medium Cave - Rocker - Sanded Wheel Wells