Landyachtz Dugout Longboard Complete -

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A new cruiser shape that features a compact, tapered deck with classic concave and a functional kicktail. A longer wheel base adds stability and creates a surfy ride. It's versatile and a great option as your first dedicated cruiser.
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The Dugout is essentially a stretched out and scaled up Dinghy designed to give you a slightly more stable and surfy feel out of your cruiser board.

At 31.5″ long and 8.5″ wide it’s still quite compact and has a good amount of pop, but the longer wheelbase and wider trucks allow for deeper turns and more stability. This board is perfect for someone looking for a stable, comfortable board to learn on, or taller riders who need a bit more room to operate on their cruiser board.

We set this board up with Polar Bear 130mm trucks to give it the combination of agility and stability that it needed and finished it off with a set of 60mm 78a Chubby Hawgs wheels to keep the board nice and light while still giving a fast, smooth ride.

The Dugout is a 4/10 Flex, 1 being STIFF and 10 being FLEXY!

So, what’s flex and why is it important to a skateboard? In skate-nerd terms, flex is the amount of displacement a deck sees when a specific amount of force is applied to it.
It’s important to understand flex when choosing a board.

Here are some basics:

  • Downhill/freeride skateboards will have less flex because you need a stiff platform to stand on when you’re bombing or gripping a corner at speed.
  • Carving skateboards will have more flex, giving you the ability to sink into your turns and pump or carve with ease.
  • Most cruisers, dance and ATV boards will have less flex for control when doing tricks but just enough to be forgiving when pushing around town.

100% Canadian Made - Kicktail - Low Cave - Sanded Wheel Wells