Kitewing Skimbat 4.8M

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A versatile wing for snow, ice or land. the 4.8 M size is great for a more experienced flier wanting extra power and speed.

The Kitewing 4.8 has influenced and inspired sailors since its inception. The Skimbat 4.8 is the same as the beloved original developed in Helsinki years ago.


The Kitewing folds and travels easily in a lightweight ski bag. Bring the wing on ski trips to expand your options. With a wing, a wind blown lake or field becomes a playground. The Kitewing can be set up or stowed in minutes.

The standard Skimbat 4.8 sail is Dacron which can be stowed on the frame.

The standard package 4.8 Skimbat frame is the same frame dimensions as utilized by the 5.5 wing, but with different length front tube extensions, or tip wands, and battens. The boom and Y tubes are constructed from EVA coated aluminum for a soft grip and insulation. The X tube is aluminum. The front tubes of the standard frame are composite fiberglass tubes.

Stiff and light weight carbon fiber composite frames are available as an optional upgrade to the standard frame. The stiff carbon tubes are about .27 kg. / 8 oz. lighter than the fiberglass composite tubes. The stiff tubes are a significant weight and inertia savings. The wing will react quickly to inputs; it will not twist or de power as quickly as the standard frame does.

Folks who seek to jump or stunt with the 4.8 Skimbat should purchase a re enforced X tube With the standard frame.